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The iron-icon element displays an icon. By default an icon renders as a 24px square.

Example using src:

<iron-icon src="star.png"></iron-icon>

Example setting size to 32px x 32px:

<iron-icon class="big" src="big_star.png"></iron-icon>

  .big {
    height: 32px;
    width: 32px;

The iron elements include several sets of icons. To use the default set of icons, import iron-icons.html and use the icon attribute to specify an icon:

<!-- import default iconset and iron-icon -->
<link rel="import" href="/components/iron-icons/iron-icons.html">

<iron-icon icon="menu"></iron-icon>

To use a different built-in set of icons, import iron-icons/<iconset>-icons.html, and specify the icon as <iconset>:<icon>. For example:

<!-- import communication iconset and iron-icon -->
<link rel="import" href="/components/iron-icons/communication-icons.html">

<iron-icon icon="communication:email"></iron-icon>

You can also create custom icon sets of bitmap or SVG icons.

Example of using an icon named cherry from a custom iconset with the ID fruit:

<iron-icon icon="fruit:cherry"></iron-icon>

See iron-iconset and iron-iconset-svg for more information about how to create a custom iconset.

See iron-icons for the default set of icons.