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<link rel="import" href="../polymer/polymer.html">
<link rel="import" href="../iron-menu-behavior/iron-menu-behavior.html">
<link rel="import" href="../paper-styles/paper-styles.html">

`<paper-menu>` implements an accessible menu control with Material Design styling. The focused item
is highlighted, and the selected item has bolded text.

      <paper-item>Item 1</paper-item>
      <paper-item>Item 2</paper-item>

An initial selection can be specified with the `selected` attribute.

    <paper-menu selected="0">
      <paper-item>Item 1</paper-item>
      <paper-item>Item 2</paper-item>

Make a multi-select menu with the `multi` attribute. Items in a multi-select menu can be deselected,
and multiple item can be selected.

    <paper-menu multi>
      <paper-item>Item 1</paper-item>
      <paper-item>Item 2</paper-item>

### Styling

The following custom properties and mixins are available for styling:

Custom property | Description | Default
`--paper-menu-background-color`   | Menu background color                                            | `--primary-background-color`
`--paper-menu-color`               | Menu foreground color                                            | `--primary-text-color`
`--paper-menu-disabled-color`     | Foreground color for a disabled item                             | `--disabled-text-color`
`--paper-menu`                    | Mixin applied to the menu                                        | `{}`
`--paper-menu-selected-item`      | Mixin applied to the selected item                               | `{}`
`--paper-menu-focused-item`       | Mixin applied to the focused item                                | `{}`
`--paper-menu-focused-item-after` | Mixin applied to the ::after pseudo-element for the focused item | `{}`

### Accessibility

`<paper-menu>` has `role="menu"` by default. A multi-select menu will also have
`aria-multiselectable` set. It implements key bindings to navigate through the menu with the up and
down arrow keys, esc to exit the menu, and enter to activate a menu item. Typing the first letter
of a menu item will also focus it.

@group Paper Elements
@element paper-menu
@hero hero.svg
@demo demo/index.html

<dom-module id="paper-menu">
  <link rel="import" type="css" href="paper-menu-shared.css">

    :host {
      display: block;
      padding: 8px 0;

      background: var(--paper-menu-background-color, --primary-background-color);
      color: var(--paper-menu-color, --primary-text-color);


    <div class="selectable-content">




(function() {


    is: 'paper-menu',

    behaviors: [