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Material design: [Floating Action Button](

`paper-fab` is a floating action button. It contains an image placed in the center and
comes in two sizes: regular size and a smaller size by applying the attribute `mini`. When
the user touches the button, a ripple effect emanates from the center of the button.

You may import `iron-icons` to use with this element, or provide a URL to a custom icon.
See `iron-iconset` for more information about how to use a custom icon set.


    <link href="path/to/iron-icons/iron-icons.html" rel="import">

    <paper-fab icon="add"></paper-fab>
    <paper-fab mini icon="favorite"></paper-fab>
    <paper-fab src="star.png"></paper-fab>

### Styling

The following custom properties and mixins are available for styling:

Custom property | Description | Default
`--paper-fab-background` | The background color of the button | `--accent-color`
`--paper-fab-keyboard-focus-background` | The background color of the button when focused | `--paper-pink-900`
`--paper-fab-disabled-background` | The background color of the button when it's disabled | `--paper-grey-300`
`--paper-fab-disabled-text` | The text color of the button when it's disabled | `--paper-grey-500`
`--paper-fab` | Mixin applied to the button | `{}`
`--paper-fab-mini` | Mixin applied to a mini button | `{}`
`--paper-fab-disabled` | Mixin applied to a disabled button | `{}`
`--paper-fab-iron-icon` | Mixin applied to the iron-icon within the button | `{}`

@group Paper Elements
@demo demo/index.html


<dom-module id="paper-fab">
  <template strip-whitespace>
    <style include="paper-material">
      :host {
        display: inline-block;
        position: relative;
        outline: none;
        -moz-user-select: none;
        -ms-user-select: none;
        -webkit-user-select: none;
        -webkit-tap-highlight-color: rgba(0,0,0,0);
        user-select: none;
        cursor: pointer;

        box-sizing: border-box;
        min-width: 0;
        width: 56px;
        height: 56px;
        background: var(--paper-fab-background, --accent-color);
        color: var(--text-primary-color);
        border-radius: 50%;
        padding: 16px;

        z-index: 0;


      :host([mini]) {
        width: 40px;
        height: 40px;
        padding: 8px;


      :host([disabled]) {
        color: var(--paper-fab-disabled-text, --paper-grey-500);
        background: var(--paper-fab-disabled-background, --paper-grey-300);

      iron-icon {

      :host(.keyboard-focus) {
        background: var(--paper-fab-keyboard-focus-background, --paper-pink-900);

    <iron-icon id="icon" src="[[src]]" icon="[[icon]]"></iron-icon>

    is: 'paper-fab',

    behaviors: [

    properties: {
       * The URL of an image for the icon. If the src property is specified,
       * the icon property should not be.
       * @attribute src
       * @type string
       * @default ''
      src: {
        type: String,
        value: ''

       * Specifies the icon name or index in the set of icons available in
       * the icon's icon set. If the icon property is specified,
       * the src property should not be.
       * @attribute icon
       * @type string
       * @default ''
      icon: {
        type: String,
        value: ''

       * Set this to true to style this is a "mini" FAB.
       * @attribute mini
       * @type boolean
       * @default false
      mini: {
        type: Boolean,
        value: false,
        reflectToAttribute: true