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<link rel="import" href="../polymer/polymer.html">
<link rel="import" href="../neon-animation/neon-animation-runner-behavior.html">
<link rel="import" href="../paper-dialog-behavior/paper-dialog-behavior.html">
<link rel="import" href="../paper-styles/paper-styles.html">

`<paper-dialog>` is a dialog with Material Design styling and optional animations when it is
opened or closed. It provides styles for a header, content area, and an action area for buttons.
You can use the `<paper-dialog-scrollable` element (in its own repository) if you need a scrolling
content area. See `Polymer.PaperDialogBehavior` for specifics.

For example, the following code implements a dialog with a header, scrolling content area and

        Lorem ipsum...
      <div class="buttons">
        <paper-button dialog-dismiss>Cancel</paper-button>
        <paper-button dialog-confirm>Accept</paper-button>

### Styling

See the docs for `Polymer.PaperDialogBehavior` for the custom properties available for styling
this element.

### Animations

Set the `entry-animation` and/or `exit-animation` attributes to add an animation when the dialog
is opened or closed. See the documentation in
[PolymerElements/neon-animation]( for more info.

For example:

    <link rel="import" href="components/neon-animation/animations/scale-up-animation.html">
    <link rel="import" href="components/neon-animation/animations/fade-out-animation.html">

    <paper-dialog entry-animation="scale-up-animation"
      <div>Dialog body</div>

### Accessibility

See the docs for `Polymer.PaperDialogBehavior` for accessibility features implemented by this

@group Paper Elements
@element paper-dialog
@hero hero.svg
@demo demo/index.html

<dom-module id="paper-dialog">

  <link rel="import" type="css" href="../paper-dialog-behavior/paper-dialog-common.css">




(function() {


    is: 'paper-dialog',

    behaviors: [

    listeners: {
      'neon-animation-finish': '_onNeonAnimationFinish'

    _renderOpened: function() {
      if (this.withBackdrop) {;

    _renderClosed: function() {
      if (this.withBackdrop) {

    _onNeonAnimationFinish: function() {
      if (this.opened) {
      } else {