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<link rel="import" href="../iron-meta/iron-meta.html">
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The `iron-icon` element displays an icon. By default an icon renders as a 24px square.

Example using src:

    <iron-icon src="star.png"></iron-icon>

Example setting size to 32px x 32px:

    <iron-icon class="big" src="big_star.png"></iron-icon>

    <style is="custom-style">
      .big {
        --iron-icon-height: 32px;
        --iron-icon-width: 32px;

The iron elements include several sets of icons.
To use the default set of icons, import `iron-icons.html` and use the `icon` attribute to specify an icon:

    <link rel="import" href="/components/iron-icons/iron-icons.html">

    <iron-icon icon="menu"></iron-icon>

To use a different built-in set of icons, import the specific `iron-icons/<iconset>-icons.html`, and
specify the icon as `<iconset>:<icon>`. For example, to use a communication icon, you would

    <link rel="import" href="/components/iron-icons/communication-icons.html">

    <iron-icon icon="communication:email"></iron-icon>

You can also create custom icon sets of bitmap or SVG icons.

Example of using an icon named `cherry` from a custom iconset with the ID `fruit`:

    <iron-icon icon="fruit:cherry"></iron-icon>

See [iron-iconset](iron-iconset) and [iron-iconset-svg](iron-iconset-svg) for more information about
how to create a custom iconset.

See the [iron-icons demo](iron-icons?view=demo:demo/index.html) to see the icons available
in the various iconsets.

### Styling

The following custom properties are available for styling:

Custom property | Description | Default
`--iron-icon-width` | Width of the icon | `24px`
`--iron-icon-height` | Height of the icon | `24px`
`--iron-icon-fill-color` | Fill color of the svg icon | `currentcolor`
`--iron-icon-stroke-color` | Stroke color of the svg icon | none

@group Iron Elements
@element iron-icon
@demo demo/index.html
@hero hero.svg

<dom-module id="iron-icon">

    :host {
      position: relative;

      vertical-align: middle;

      fill: var(--iron-icon-fill-color, currentcolor);
      stroke: var(--iron-icon-stroke-color, none);

      width: var(--iron-icon-width, 24px);
      height: var(--iron-icon-height, 24px);




      is: 'iron-icon',

      properties: {

         * The name of the icon to use. The name should be of the form:
         * `iconset_name:icon_name`.
        icon: {
          type: String,
          observer: '_iconChanged'

         * The name of the theme to used, if one is specified by the
         * iconset.
        theme: {
          type: String,
          observer: '_updateIcon'

         * If using iron-icon without an iconset, you can set the src to be
         * the URL of an individual icon image file. Note that this will take
         * precedence over a given icon attribute.
        src: {
          type: String,
          observer: '_srcChanged'

         * @type {!Polymer.IronMeta}
        _meta: {
          value: Polymer.Base.create('iron-meta', {type: 'iconset'})


      _DEFAULT_ICONSET: 'icons',

      _iconChanged: function(icon) {
        var parts = (icon || '').split(':');
        this._iconName = parts.pop();
        this._iconsetName = parts.pop() || this._DEFAULT_ICONSET;

      _srcChanged: function(src) {

      _usesIconset: function() {
        return this.icon || !this.src;

      /** @suppress {visibility} */
      _updateIcon: function() {
        if (this._usesIconset()) {
          if (this._iconsetName) {
            this._iconset = /** @type {?Polymer.Iconset} */ (
            if (this._iconset) {
              this._iconset.applyIcon(this, this._iconName, this.theme);
              this.unlisten(window, 'iron-iconset-added', '_updateIcon');
            } else {
              this.listen(window, 'iron-iconset-added', '_updateIcon');
        } else {
          if (!this._img) {
            this._img = document.createElement('img');
   = '100%';
   = '100%';
            this._img.draggable = false;
          this._img.src = this.src;