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`iron-a11y-announcer` is a singleton element that is intended to add a11y
to features that require on-demand announcement from screen readers. In
order to make use of the announcer, it is best to request its availability
in the announcing element.



      is: 'x-chatty',

      attached: function() {
        // This will create the singlton element if it has not
        // been created yet:

After the `iron-a11y-announcer` has been made available, elements can
make announces by firing bubbling `iron-announce` events.

Example:'iron-announce', {
      text: 'This is an announcement!'
    }, { bubbles: true });

Note: announcements are only audible if you have a screen reader enabled.

@group Iron Elements
@demo demo/index.html

<dom-module id="iron-a11y-announcer">
    :host {
      display: inline-block;
      position: fixed;
      clip: rect(0px,0px,0px,0px);

    <div aria-live$="[[mode]]">[[_text]]</div>


    (function() {
      'use strict';

      Polymer.IronA11yAnnouncer = Polymer({
        is: 'iron-a11y-announcer',

        properties: {

           * The value of mode is used to set the `aria-live` attribute
           * for the element that will be announced. Valid values are: `off`,
           * `polite` and `assertive`.
          mode: {
            type: String,
            value: 'polite'

          _text: {
            type: String,
            value: ''

        created: function() {
          if (!Polymer.IronA11yAnnouncer.instance) {
            Polymer.IronA11yAnnouncer.instance = this;

          document.body.addEventListener('iron-announce', this._onIronAnnounce.bind(this));

         * Cause a text string to be announced by screen readers.
         * @param {string} text The text that should be announced.
        announce: function(text) {
          this._text = '';
          this.async(function() {
            this._text = text;
          }, 100);

        _onIronAnnounce: function(event) {
          if (event.detail && event.detail.text) {

      Polymer.IronA11yAnnouncer.instance = null;

      Polymer.IronA11yAnnouncer.requestAvailability = function() {
        if (!Polymer.IronA11yAnnouncer.instance) {
          Polymer.IronA11yAnnouncer.instance = document.createElement('iron-a11y-announcer');