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   * Use `Polymer.PaperInputAddonBehavior` to implement an add-on for `<paper-input-container>`. A
   * add-on appears below the input, and may display information based on the input value and
   * validity such as a character counter or an error message.
   * @polymerBehavior
  Polymer.PaperInputAddonBehavior = {

    hostAttributes: {
      'add-on': ''

    attached: function() {'addon-attached');

     * The function called by `<paper-input-container>` when the input value or validity changes.
     * @param {{
     *   inputElement: (Node|undefined),
     *   value: (string|undefined),
     *   invalid: (boolean|undefined)
     * }} state All properties are optional -
     *     inputElement: The input element.
     *     value: The input value.
     *     invalid: True if the input value is invalid.
    update: function(state) {