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paper-slider allows user to select a value from a range of values by moving the slider thumb. The interactive nature of the slider makes it a great choice for settings that reflect intensity levels, such as volume, brightness, or color saturation.



Use min and max to specify the slider range. Default is 0 to 100. For example:

<paper-slider min="10" max="200" value="110"></paper-slider>

Styling slider

The following custom properties and mixins are available for styling:

Custom property Description Default
--paper-slider-bar-color The background color of the slider transparent
--paper-slider-active-color The progress bar color --google-blue-700
--paper-slider-secondary-color The secondary progress bar color --google-blue-300
--paper-slider-knob-color The knob color --google-blue-700
--paper-slider-disabled-knob-color The disabled knob color --google-grey-500
--paper-slider-pin-color The pin color --google-blue-700
--paper-slider-font-color The pin's text color #fff
--paper-slider-disabled-active-color The disabled progress bar color --google-grey-500
--paper-slider-disabled-secondary-color The disabled secondary progress bar color --google-grey-300
--paper-slider-height Height of the progress bar 2px


paper-slider {
  --paper-slider-bar-color: #fff;
  --paper-slider-active-color: #0f9d58;
  --paper-slider-knob-color: #0f9d58;
  --paper-slider-pin-color: #0f9d58;
  --paper-slider-font-color: #0f9d58;
  --paper-slider-secondary-color: #0f9d58;
  --paper-slider-disabled-active-color: #ccc;
  --paper-slider-disabled-secondary-color: #ccc;
  --paper-slider-height: 5px;