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<paper-badge> is a circular text badge that is displayed on the top right corner of an element, representing a status or a notification. It will badge the anchor element specified in the for attribute, or, if that doesn't exist, centered to the parent node containing it.


<div style="display:inline-block">
  <paper-badge label="3"></paper-badge>
  <paper-button id="btn">Status</paper-button>
  <paper-badge for="btn" label="♥︎"></paper-badge>


The following custom properties and mixins are available for styling:

Custom property Description Default
--paper-badge-background The background color of the badge --accent-color
--paper-badge-opacity The opacity of the badge 1.0
--paper-badge-text-color The color of the badge text white
--paper-badge-width The width of the badge circle 22px
--paper-badge-height The height of the badge circle 22px
--paper-badge-margin-left Optional spacing added to the left of the badge. 0px
--paper-badge-margin-bottom Optional spacing added to the bottom of the badge. 0px
--paper-badge Mixin applied to the badge {}